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Orthodontic Marketing: Why you shouldn’t ignore existing patients in your marketing plan Posted on November 27, 2013 by OrthoSynetics "Irving, Texas (November 11, 2013) – A large part of what orthodontic marketing companies do for orthodontists looking to expand their practice is to devise effective ways to get more new patients through the door.Operations for the international entities began in late 1998 with the inclusion of 4 orthodontic practices in Japan. OCA international offers services to almost 70 affiliated offices. services include marketing to attract new patients, bill payment, human resources, real estate, construction, financial reporting, software development and practice enhancement consulting.orthodontics marketing Expert Launches Next Phase Of Success For Online Marketing. Those interested in the marketing work that OrthoSynetics can do for them are encouraged to contact the company as soon as possible and further look into the Elevate program that they offer.OrthoSynetics, Inc. (OSI), is a practice management/business services firm that assists orthodontic specialists with the non-clinical aspects of running their practice. The company currently serves about 300 orthodontic practices nationwide.Orthodontics Marketing Expert Launches Next Phase Of Success For Online Marketing October 06, 2017 OrthoSynetics, an orthodontics marketing expert is proud to announce the launch of their "next phase of success" service for online marketing.4) OrthoSynetics: Though they offer a wide variety of services, the main reason I use OrthoSynetics is because of the new patients Angela Weber’s marketing team is able to drive to my offices. Understand that a couple years ago, as an orthodontist in traditional practice, I basically told all the dentists in Arkansas to take a hike by.orthosynetics supports 300+ orthodontic and pediatric dental practices in the United States with a focus on improving revenue growth and profitability.. (RCM), marketing, human resources.Today we are going to list the top 9 marketing ideas for orthodontic offices. Establish relationships with dentists in your area. Referrals are one of the best ways to gain new patients. Why? They cost you nothing. Start by reaching out to dentists in your area and offering to take them out to lunch or dinner.Orthodontic Health Month is the perfect opportunity to educate the public about the importance of orthodontics and oral health. Use the poster below to display the benefits in your office! This poster.