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Valentine’s Day is a special day to tell your sweetie "I love you." Whether you are a technophile or simply looking for a unique way express yourself, here are five "techie" ways to show you care: 1. express Your Love with a Hashtag These days it seems like there are hashtags for.George H.W. Bush didn’t only pen love letters to his wife Barbara. "I hope she’s the 3-year-old." View this post on Instagram This brought me such comfort this morning. I had the opportunity to.Every day nearly 2,200 dogs and cats are killed in our nation’s shelters. Stand up with Beans, Mr. Buttons, Ned and all of their four . . . and sometimes not four-legged best friends by sharing.When you think of Valentine’s Day, romance and indulgence. can be enough to learn some new moves and tips about how to make the most of workouts. For the gym lover, that’s the gift that keeps on.Spend Valentine’s Day with Your True Love and Finding Fido. Follow To Dog With Love. Diane and Rocco. Join us for tips, tricks and treats, both at home & on the road, as Rocco Havanese and I explore the fluffier side of life! click photo for more.As they crafted the fabric towers, McSween and Rakowski talked about the Thanksgiving holiday, the drone Rakowski likes to use in his house and his love. dog treats. Another table displayed.My best relationship advice for Valentine’s Day? Don’t make it into anything it doesn’t need to be! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to make grand gestures. small, simple and honest tokens of genuine love and affection are what’s really needed. You may want to make more extravagant gestures, of course, and that’s fine too.5 Ways to Express Your Love on Valentine’s Day These 5 tips guarantee a happier Valentine’s Day for everyone. Posted Feb 04, 2015But what about our pets? While a new Valentine chew toy or some extra belly rubs would not be out of the question, we must be aware of the hazards that our Valentine gifts can present to our four-legged friends. Learn how to spread the love while keeping pets safe from potential Valentine’s Day hazards.

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